Dumbbell Equipment

You’ll need good equipment if you plan on incorporating dumbbell exercises into your workout routines. Namely, you’ll need a good set of dumbbells, a dumbbell rack and a good workout bench. Below you’ll find products we recommend which will help you perform dumbbell exercises efficiently.

Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Sets

Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Sets are those that allow you to select various weight configurations from a single set of dumbbells. You do this by selecting a specific weight before lifting the dumbbells from their base stations.

This type of equipment takes less space than conventional fixed weight dumbbell sets and are usually less expensive to purchase when compared to purchasing every weight configuration in a fixed weight set.

Fixed Weight Dumbbell Sets

Fixed Weight Dumbbell Sets are those whose weight can’t be adjusted. They are particularly well suited to those who don’t exercise using many different weight configurations. If so, fixed weight dumbbells are generally a lot less expensive.

Another bonus is that you don’t need time to adjust the weight configuration prior to doing an exercise, as you would when using adjustable weight sets. You simply choose the weight you need and pick up the corresponding dumbbells.

Dumbbell Stands

To avoid bending down each time you pick dumbbells up from the floor and every time you put them back following an exercise, you should consider getting a stand to place them on. On top of saving you this trouble, the stand will also provide the perfect storage solution for when you are not using your dumbbells.

The equipment you should consider getting depends on the dumbbell type you are using. The following stands are good solutions for adjustable weight dumbbell sets.

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