Exercise Ball Equipment

One of the great things about using ball exercises when working out is that they require very few and inexpensive pieces of equipment.

Actually, to perform most of the ball exercises shown on this website, you'll only need access to an exercise ball.

Here are a few exercise balls that we recommend. Also, should you need a pair of dumbbells to perform additional ball exercises, a selection of dumbbells can be found on our Dumbbell Equipment page.

Dumbbell Equipment

You'll need good equipment if you plan on incorporating dumbbell exercises into your workout routines. Namely, you'll need a good set of dumbbells, a dumbbell rack and a good workout bench. Below you'll find products we recommend which will help you perform dumbbell exercises efficiently.


Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Sets

Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Sets are those that allow you to select various weight configurations from a single set of dumbbells. You do this by selecting a specific weight before lifting the dumbbells from their base stations.

This type of equipment takes less space than conventional fixed weight dumbbell sets and are usually less expensive to purchase when compared to purchasing every weight configuration in a fixed weight set.


Fixed Weight Dumbbell Sets

Fixed Weight Dumbbell Sets are those whose weight can't be adjusted. They are particularly well suited to those who don't exercise using many different weight configurations. If so, fixed weight dumbbells are generally a lot less expensive.

Another bonus is that you don't need time to adjust the weight configuration prior to doing an exercise, as you would when using adjustable weight sets. You simply choose the weight you need and pick up the corresponding dumbbells.

Dumbbell Stands

To avoid bending down each time you pick dumbbells up from the floor and every time you put them back following an exercise, you should consider getting a stand to place them on. On top of saving you this trouble, the stand will also provide the perfect storage solution for when you are not using your dumbbells.

The equipment you should consider getting depends on the dumbbell type you are using. The following stands are good solutions for adjustable weight dumbbell sets.

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At Fitnessbliss we have used a wide variety of exercise equipment. These pages are a collection of what we like and suggestions on what you can use for a great workout.


The essentials

Exercises that don’t require equipment allow you to be more spontaneous as to where and when you exercise. We are adding more exercises to Fitnessbliss that require no equipment. However, having some form of resistance can create many more exercise possibilities.

Exercise Band Equipment

Exercise bands (resistance bands) are lightweight, inexpensive and very versatile. They are ideal to take with you when travelling. Find out which Exercise Band Equipment we recommend.

Exercise Mat

An exercise mat is important for to make floor based exercises such as stretches and crunches more comfortable. This is our favorite exercise mat.

Dumbbell Equipment

Dumbbells are another versatile form of resistance. They are not as ideal as exercise bands for travelling but they do provide a huge number of exercise possibilities. Check out our Dumbbell Equipment page for more information and suggestions. 

Exercise Ball Equipment

An exercise ball creates instability. This offers the advantage of having to use your core muscles to stabilize your body. For example, a seated biceps curl on an exercise ball is working both your core muscles and biceps. A standard seated biceps curl is working mainly the biceps. Read more about Exercise Ball Equipment and their advantages.

Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are an incredible tool for relieving tightness in stiff, aching muscles. Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) is similar to getting a deep tissue massage, except that you do the work yourself. Other useful SMR aids are travel rollers and Lacrosse balls. Read more about stretching.

Other equipment worth considering


Due to their shape, kettlebells can be used to workout a wide range of muscle groups with a minimal number of exercises. Some kettlebell exercises are suitable for beginners but kettlebells are better suited to members with some experience.

Home gyms

Two good options for home gyms are those made by Bowflex and Total Gyms. They differ in that those made by Bowflex have resistance whereas those made by Total Gyms use your body weight as the resistance. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of these and other home gyms on our home gyms page.


Books on Nutrition

Nutrition has a very important role in living a healthy lifestyle, muscle building and providing us with enough energy for peak performance. Visit our books page to see which books we have found to be a major resource in guiding us to be healthier and stronger.




Bowflex Equipment

Over the years, the makers of the Bowflex fitness machines have introduced many different product line to address different needs and different wallet sizes. Here are some Bowflex machines currently on the market which we recommend:

Traditional Bowflex Weight Training Machines

The Bowflex PR1000 model features the traditional setup of bowflex machines in that the bench can be slid up from its normal horizontal position to allow weighted crunched and incline bench press exercises for example. It also features the lat tower attachment (for lat pull-downs) and the leg attachment.
The Bowflex Blaze model also features the traditional lie-flat-or-slide-up bench setup. An important distinction concerning the leg attachment is that the Blaze will allow you to do the prone leg curl whereas the PR1000 won't.
The Bowflex PR3000 model features the vertical setup for Bowflex machines in that the bench cannot be slid down for a horizontal position. Rather, the bench is fixed in an upright position. The advantage it has over first generation setups is that it will take up less floor real estate. Another advantage of the Bowflex PR3000 compared to the PR1000 and the Blaze is that it features a "no change cable pulley system" allowing the user to switch from leg exercises to upper body exercises without having to change the cable.
The Bowflex Xtreme 2SE looks very similar to the PR3000 but has several advantages; the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE comes with more attachments providing over 20 more exercises. The resistance of the Xtreme 2SE can be upgraded to 410lbs versus 310 for the PR3000. Finally, the Xtreme 2SE has a lifetime warranty on the Power Rods. Of course, the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE has the same "no change cable pulley system" as the Bowflex PR3000.
Finally, the Bowflex Revolution FT features the latest generation in resistance technology. Rather than using the flex of the different "bows" to create the required muscle resistance, the Revolution models use a different technology entirely. The main benefit to this latest iteration is that changing resistance levels can be made a lot faster.

Bowflex Cardio Machines

Since introducing their weight training machines the makers of Bowflex have since branched out to manufacturing various cardio machines. The most notable product in that category is the TreadClimber product line which will allow you to combine the benefits you would normally get by exercising using a treadmill and a stair climber all at once.