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Some of you here might wonder about how to get big triceps? Whether you’re included as a beginner or an expert on the field, dumbbells could never go wrong. Dumbbells are versatile gym equipment that can be used for so many kinds of exercises.

So, how to get strong triceps? There is only one answer: training. People train every day to make their triceps grow stronger. More serious individuals, like athletes, require training to make them better in terms of performance and functional strength.

People who are looking for aesthetics, like bodybuilders, are also doing the same thing to achieve the perfect body form.

If you want to achieve the same thing, the dumbbell exercises are what you actually need. Having stronger arms is indeed beneficial for multiple kinds of reasons.

So, before actually learning all the dumbbells triceps workouts, let us first talk about the tricep muscles.

Understanding The Tricep Muscles

Before we explain how to tone your triceps, let us understand the essentials. Always remember the metaphor:

“A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step.”

Now, do you understand what triceps are? What are they, and where do they locate?

Triceps are often said to be a three-headed monster, and if you make them stronger, your arms will likely pop. These are Long Head, Medial Head, and the Lateral Head

Now, it’s time to work your tricep with dumbbells. With every movement you do with your arms, the tricep will be trained as well.

Is it actually hard to do dumbbells triceps workout? Not exactly. By following great guidance, you’ll have the best experience in exercising your triceps.

If you ever need one, you can always try to use an online coaching app called Fitnessbliss. There you can find lots of helpful information about exercises, along with recommendations to walk you through them.

Training The Triceps

Are you ready? It’s time to do the dumbbells tricep exercises!

Don’t see it as a bad or a terrible way to build your muscles. As we mentioned before, with proper guidance, you can finally achieve what you actually want. So, there are so many ways to train your triceps. And to be honest, most of the training requires you to use a set of dumbbells.

With the dumbbells, you’ll learn how to focus on the triceps tension and how to keep it. The movements are usually straightening and flexing your arms. In fact, every movement that makes you straighten your arms will eventually train the triceps. All you have to do is to be consistent with the training.

There are so many variants of the movements, and some of them are even challenging at times. But remember what Terry Bradshaw said,

“When you’ve got something to prove, there’s nothing greater than a challenge.”

Without further ado, let’s start right away with the 20 best dumbbells triceps extensions exercises :

Dumbbells Triceps Workout with 20 Exercises

1 - Dumbbell Kickback (Single Arm)

The first one on the list is Dumbell Kickback, which is included as the classic dumbbells for triceps exercise. The exercise will focus on the unilateral tricep.

If you want to try this exercise, you need a bench and a set of dumbbells. To start doing the dumbbell triceps kickback, sit on the bench, then place your unused arm on the knee. And then, with the other hand holding a dumbell, slowly extend and straighten the arm in a 90 degrees position. While doing this, keep your body balanced, and make sure to adjust your breaths as well.

2 - Incline Bench Lying Kickback

Another Kickback exercise, but with a different focus. Incline Kickback is the best exercise to build the first head of the triceps. You can either use one arm or both to do this. Make some adjustments first by changing the bench position to 45-degree.

To do this exercise, which can be said to be one of the most effective dumbbell tricep workouts, you have to lie down facing down. Then, hold both dumbles with a strong grip.

Start moving your arm with one breath at a time, and release and relax. You can use lift the two of them at once or do it in an alternative motion.

3 - Triceps Kickbacks (Bent)

Another dumbbells exercises for triceps is Tricep Kickbacks (Bent). This exercise is actually quite similar to the single-arm kickback, which requires your body to be facing upward. But now, you’re basically supporting your entire weight.

Start by bedding forward with your keens slightly bent. Next, straighten your back and both arms in parallel with the body. Now, slowly bend the elbows and do the extended and straight movement for both arms.

4 - Gravity Press

The next one on the list is Gravity Press. Well, this is a unique one since your muscles will constantly be under tension between each rep. By doing this dumbbell triceps press, you’ll effectively make your arms stronger while also having a chance to increase muscle endurance.

First, you need to lie on the bench, then hold two dumbbells above the shoulders. Slowly bend and extend the elbows and keep the parallel position. Extend your arms, and bend them again.

5 - Standing Tricep Extension

The next one is dumbbell overhead tricep extension exercise. This one is great for you to build some mass and strength at the same time by training the stability of your shoulders. Similar to the exercises above, do it either with one or both arms.

Stand with both arms holding dumbbells, and slowly lift them until they reach above the head. Now to do another rep, lower them, and start doing another one. This standing dumbbell tricep exercise is easy to do, so we highly recommend you do it first.

6 - Tricep Extension (Seated)

If you want to try the dumbbells exercises for triceps that are more challenging, feel free to try Tricep Extension (Seated). It works similarly to the exercise above, with an additional challenge as you’ll focus on training all three muscles. The exercise is more effective in building strength rather than mass.

You can start by holding a dumbbell up and lowering it at an angle. Do this seated dumbbell tricep extensions exercise multiple times to achieve better results.

7 - Close-Grip Dumbbell Press (Also Known As Crush Press)

A bit different from the dumbbell triceps pushdown, but it’s an effective method nonetheless. With the close grip, you will have to use both the chest and shoulders. Your strength can be potentially maximized this way. And not only your triceps, but you’ll also train the chest muscles as well.

To do this, have a strong grip on the dumbbells with straight arms and your elbows locked. And then, hold and touch both dumbbells and lower them until they reach your chest, relaxing the elbows. Lift the two of them again to start another rep of this close grip bench press for triceps exercise.

8 - Crush Press

Moving to number 8, we have the single arm tricep pushdown exercise. Similar to the usual pushups, you have to be in a planking position while gripping the dumbells under the shoulders. Keep your palm inward to gain a stronger grip, and start lifting your body up and down.

9 - Half Bench Skull Crusher

If you really want to achieve better overall tricep strength, the skull crusher (half-bench) is one of many recommended exercises. By doing so, you’ll also increase the core strength as well. In short, it is a great method to build your triceps.

You have to lay down on the bench, with one arm holding the dumbbells and the other keeping straight to maintain stability. Lift the dumbell up and down with the elbow forming an angle every time you do it. The other non-working hand could be put above your chest to help your body stabilize.

Do this skull crushers tricep exercise multiple times a week. To add variations, you can also add other exercises, like EZ-bar skull crushers, for example, which require you to have more strength to do so.

10 - DB JM Press

The next one on the list is dumbbell jm press, another unique exercise you can try to build your triceps. The movement is kind of similar to the other exercises, like close grip or gravity press.

To start it, lay your body on the bench, then hold the dumbells together with your arms positioned straight up. And then relax the elbows so the dumbbells may touch your ears. Keep your arms straight again, and do another rep.

11 - Dumbbell Floor Press (with 2 Arms)

Another unique form of dumbell tricep press, but you’ll be doing it on the ground rather than on the bench. The floor is the key here. What’s best about it is that the exercise is much more relaxed since your arms won’t be working all the time. With help from the floor, you can stabilize the dumbbells better and safer.

So, you need to lie down on the ground until your body touches the floor. You can also use a Yoga mat if you like it. And then, straighten your arms with both holding dumbells. Extend them, and then touch the floor with your elbows.

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12 - Plank Tricep Kickback

The next one on the list is plank tricep kickback, which can be useful to train the core and triceps muscles. Place a Yoga mat, and have one arm to stabilize your body. In a plank position and one arm holding your body, have the other harm holding a dumbbell. Now, bend the elbow until the dumbbell is on top of your chest, and extend it until it’s above your body.

13 - Dumbbell Tricep Dip

The next one on the list is dumbbell triceps dips exercise. To do this exercise, you’ll need a bench and a dumbbell. Now, what you have to do is to sit down and have both hands holding a dumbbell above your head.

Keep the arms straight, and bend your elbows until they are facing forward and the dumbbell is on the back of your head. Straighten the arms again, and do another rep. Other than these, you can also do the dumbbell tricep dip, in a lying position.

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14 - Reverse-Grip Press

And on the next exercise, we’ll explain to your how to do the reverse grip dumbbell press. To do this, sit on a bench that has been set to a certain angle. Lift both dumbbells with a reverse grip, and bend your elbows until they are lower than your stomach. And then lift the two of them again to do another rep.

15 - Kneeling Tricep Kick Back

The move is similar to bent double kickback but rather different from the bent over triceps kickbacks exercise. Instead of lying down, you’ll be in a kneeling position and bend the body forward.

16 - Single-Arm Overhead Extension (Angled)

This exercise is a great combination of lying triceps extension and the other movement from overhead extensions. Instead of lying on your back, you have to position the side of your body on a certain angle bench. And then, have one hand holding a dumbbell and one arm holding the bench for stabilization.

Start lifting the dumbbells up above your head, and bend the elbow so the dumbbell will be on the back of your head. Do this several times.

17 - Prone Double-Arm Tricep Kickbacks

This exercise requires you to lay down on the bunch, which is kind of similar to the Eccentric Skull Crusher to Double Press. However, instead of facing up, you need your body to face down the bench.

With both hands holding dumbbells, bend your elbows and extend them until the dumbbells are in line with your body.

18 - Reverse Grip Tricep Overhead Extension (Seated)

It is quite similar to the triceps lying extension, but you’ll be using a reverse grip instead. So, start holding the dumbbells with the reverse grip and do the same movements.

You can also combine this exercise with the close grip dumbbell press to make the grip stronger.

19 - 2-Point Dumbbell Row

With the same position to incline db kickbacks, you can do the two-point dumbbell row, which can be a useful exercise to build strength and mass of your triceps. It’s different from the skull crusher incline, especially in terms of body position and movement.

And since you’re not doing lying triceps extension, as well, you don’t have to lie down on the bunch. Instead, put one non-warking hand on the bench, with the other holding a dumbbell. Slightly bend your body forward until the non-working hand touches the bench, and then lift one of your legs backward. While doing this, lift the dumbbell up and down.

20 - Tate Press

Last but not least, there’s an exercise called Tate press. As the movement isn’t as easier as the other exercises, we highly recommend you be careful while doing so.

First, lie down your body on a bench facing upward. Hold the dumbbells with both of your hands, and straighten your arms. Then, bend the elbows slowly until the dumbbells almost touch your chest in an inward position.

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